Welcome to “So many places… So little time”

This entire website is dedicated to experiencing “so many places in so little time”.  The focus of my “word press” site is to share my experiences, open our eyes to other countries, people and cultures and provide resources for teachers to bring global education into his or her classroom.

Hi, my name is Karen Kelly and I am the secondary Social Studies teacher at Scales Mound Community Unit School District #211. I have focused my teaching to create students who “think globally”.  I started teaching at Woodstock High School, Woodstock, IL. as a Special Education Teacher in 1988.  I returned home to the Scales Mound community in 1992 to fill a Special Education teaching position at my alma mater, Scales Mound High School. In 2005 I was granted my request to fill the open Social Studies position in the high school.  It has been all “history” since then.

I have a wonderful opportunity every day to open student’s eyes and minds to the global society in which our world has become.  I also have been blessed with unique opportunities to experience places beyond our borders. You will find blogs and pictures from other travel experiences on the page labeled “Other global adventures”.

There is also a website created by me with a focus on Global Education in the classroom.  “Friends Across Borders” is an online guide with resources to create a global learning environment in your classroom.  I have also blogged about my student’s experiences as the doors opened and the world came streaming in.

We should all remember an adventure in global understanding does not always mean we must leave our country.  Sometimes even in our own neighborhoods we can learn about a culture and acceptance of people by getting to know our fellow citizens.

Follow my quests as I continue to experience beautiful countries, meet interesting people and learn about other cultures.  I will use this website to blog my thoughts and experiences as I continue my global journey.  I do hope you will follow along to experience the world with me, through the things I see, smell, taste and touch.

Contact information: Scales Mound Community Unit School District #211
Scales Mound, IL, U.S.A.


Disclaimer: This blog is not an official U.S. Department of State website. The views and information presented are the grantee’s own and do not represent the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, IREX, or the U.S. Department of State.

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