My reflections

During my flight that took over 8 hours, I had time to reflect on my journey.  Time went so quickly the past two weeks.  I enjoyed a few hours to look at my pictures, read my hand written journal and think about my own personal journey.

Ten thoughts about Ukraine:

10) Democratic government – Presidential Parliamentary System

The “White House” – location of Executive offices

9) Independence Day – August 24 (1991) – became an independent country from USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

Victory Day – May 9 (1945) – end of World War II and fascist control

8) International Women’s Day – March 8 (1910) – political, social and economic equality for women

(This has become my favorite date to celebrate, a day to celebrate women’s role in society not celebrate because females are able to produce children, such as in U.S. Mother’s Day, a celebration of ALL women. Ok, done with my feminist stance.)

7) Co-hosts of Euro 2012 with Poland

Football (European football) Stadium in Kiev

Students at Gymnasium #57 made model out of legos to enter into a contest

6) Multilingual – most people speak Ukrainian and Russian, plus many people speak English, German, French, and Spanish

5) Ukrainian food –

Food prepared by students


Varenyky (top left corner)


Kovbasa or sosysky

Deruny or syrniki


4) Architecture

3) Traditional and modern at the same time

Motherland Statue (Kiev, Ukraine) – compare her height to me

Located at the port of Odesa, symbolizes the emergence of young Ukraine
Park decorated with pysanky eggs

2) Talented in the arts: music, drama, literature, dance and visual arts

Alexander Pushkin memorial

Students performing an American song, I don’t remember what it was

1) Warm, welcoming and thoughtful

This was the welcome we received when we arrived at Gymnasium #2 in Odessa


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